Barry Black is a young acoustic singer/songwriter highly influenced by the sounds of pure soul and rhythm. What he brings to his audience is a vibe of pure feel and passion. There is no such thing as a set list or agenda with him and his band of jammers. Being in Las Vegas, where he grew up, has been a tremendous experience of love from fans and new followers.

The exposure of playing all over Vegas and the likes of opening for John Legend on the new years eve of 2011 have continued to push the momentum of an up and coming artist. There are no boundaries of resistance to stop this movement that he continues to deliver on a daily basis.

His range of music, versatility of styles and genres truly make Barry a one of a kind phenom in the live music circuit. One thing he strives to accomplish in his non-stop performances is to remind people of what music used to be. Look out for the new upcoming album release flowing thru iPods and airwaves soon.